Bosch wins award with ‘eyes in the back of its head’ technology





Results of the Canstar Blue innovation awards are coming in thick and fast with the latest winner being a back over avoidance system (BoA) from Bosch Australia whose president Gavin Smith was on hand at the Clayton head office yesterday to receive the gong. BoA utilises radar sensing technology and ultrasonic sensors to distinguish between objects to determine whether, or not, the vehicle should automatically brake. If the object is detected as a person, or a pet, the vehicle’s brakes are automatically engaged.


On average, seven young people under the age of 15 are killed every year and 60 seriously injured from being hit, or run over, by a moving car around Australian homes. With technology such as BoA these figures would be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated altogether.


“With safety being an increasing focus in car design, Bosch’s BoA system is a great innovation, enabling a vehicle to detect small objects, including children, that are potentially out of line of site of a driver,” said Canstar Blue’s Megan Doyle.


According to Gavin, the BoA system has radar sensors that can ‘see’ up to 100 metres behind the vehicle and can operate at up to 15kph with high levels of reliability: “The hazard detection and braking point are carefully calibrated so as to brake as late as possible thereby minimising the incidence of false interventions. The Back Over Avoidance system was developed in Melbourne and it is expected the technology will be included in Australian vehicles as early as 2016.”






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