Cute new little lady born on the forth of July




The fourth of July 4 is certainly something to celebrate in the good ole US of A and on other side of the Atlantic, where an Italian carmaker is also claiming it as a red letter day, albeit a one-off. And the reason? The Fiat 500! Apparently, the little gem and ‘symbol of mass motorisation in Italy’ was introduced on this day in 1957. So how do you celebrate such an occasion? With the launch of a new model, stupid! Hence, news from Turin of a brand new Fiat 500.


According to the manufacturer, ‘an important element of the appeal of the 500 has always been its compact shape’, which is a much better way saying a matchbox on wheels. Available in hatchback and convertible…now they’re really cute…all models have LED daytime running lights, seven airbags, an Uconnect infotainment system with six speakers, aux-in/USB ports and steering wheel remote controls as standard equipment.


fiat_500_interiorThere are several key detail changes, noticeable the front headlights and rear light clusters, revised colour palette and revamped dashboard. The front light cluster integrates the dipped-beam headlamps and turn signals and uses polyellptical modules that are said to improved night vision. The lower light cluster integrates the main beam headlights and LED daytime running lights, which adopt the circular profile of the lamp to reproduce the zeroes of 500.



At the rear of the vehicle, the new, exclusive, ’empty’ light clusters are made up of a ring-shaped structure with body-coloured centres from which light appears to emanate from the bodywork like an illuminated tattoo. The rear fog light and reversing light are relocated to the edges of the redesigned bumper trim, finished either in black or chrome depending on model.


As you’d expect if you’re a fan of the 500, the large chrome grab handle is reminiscent of the number-plate light of the original Fiat 500. Alloys area available in 15 and 16-inch, with a variety of finishes including an elegant diamond-cut design and there are 13 different colour hues including seven pastels, one solid and five metallic to choose from.


The steering wheel features new remote control buttons which are said to be easier to operate and thanks to their chrome-plated edging and high-quality materials, more pleasant to touch and to behold. The circular instrument cluster, with analogue dials for speed and engine revs and digital secondary gauges, is retained for Pop models. Thanks to a seven-inch TFT display, a driver can at a glance monitor data from the speedometer, odometer and trip computer simultaneously while the central section of the display can be configured to show distance travelled, fuel consumption, range, trip time, etc.

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