Small business to benefit from online Green Slip calculator


 NSW Motor Accidents Authority has upgraded its online Green Slip calculator that is now expected to attract an additional 50,000 motorists to the service and according to the Authority’s Andrew Nicholls enable small businesses to save money on their purchases.

“The upgrades will enable motorists who use their vehicle for business purposes to calculate CTP prices taking into consideration GST input tax credit adjustments. “This is good news that will benefit thousands of small businesses that now do not have to waste time contacting insurers directly for quotations for CTP insurance.”

With around 110,000 vehicle owners each month, the calculator is said to be one of the most extensively used tools on the government website but has been limited to private-use cars, motorbikes and light goods vehicle.

There are seven licensed insurers offering CTP insurance in NSW.

“Prices vary between insurers so it’s important motorists shop around to get the best deal on their Green Slip.

“The average motorist might be able to save up to $70 by shopping around,” said Andrew.

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