Students harness creative energy for Monster Jam


Students from The Hunter Institute of Tafe, Glendale and the Western Sydney Institute at Mt. Druitt have embarked on an exciting and crushing journey by designing and painting the official Monster Jam Crush Car.

The cars were set up to compete for the most innovative and attention grabbing design to be on display at Monster Jam Sydney, where the master pieces will be crushed by the famous touring Monster Jam trucks.

The event organisers are committed to supporting educational activities around the world and are always looking for ways to include local educational institutions. In this case, Stage 2 apprentices transformed vehicles that were ready for the scrap heap into remarkable works of art.

IMG_1253Giving these students the unique opportunity be part of such a large international touring event is a fantastic project that could lead to further opportunities down the track.

Using official Monster Jam crush car shells, students were challenged with painting the vehicles as creatively as possible, with the end results on show to fans at the Party in the Pit and then featured in the show.

According to Joal Butcher, course teacher at the Glendale campus, the project gave students the opportunity to collaborate in a team-based effort, to harness their creative energy and produce the most visually spectacular car they can design.

“Our main aim was to create a car that no one would believe was going to get driven over with their metallic green monstrosity, playing on the show’s title Monster Jam’, depicting a red devil emerging from a jam jar, encompassed by green flames.

1“The immaculate detail of the design is impressive for Stage 2 apprentices and showcases the level of skill that can be learnt at Tafe institutions”.

Mount Druitt took a patriotic approach inspired by Australia’s cultural history.

“We settled on the ‘Australiana theme’, simply because of what it was and to depict Australians as we see Australia through an indigenous inspired look.

“It’s a little bit of a history timeline,” explained Allan Ryan, “all the indigenous paintings that are featured on the car were hand- painted by four indigenous students with the snakes, hands and boomerangs in traditional dot art.”

“A massive amount of work, involving hundreds and hundreds of hours, has gone into it but it has been an enjoyable experience for the students and a great motivator.

“It gives them a great sense of pride when they see their cars on display and we think it looks too good to be crushed,” he said.

Educationally students followed the curriculum, incorporating a number of competences, some of which included preparing substrates for paint, masking procedures, working successfully with others, work place communication and applying COB refinishing materials.

Working on real vehicles and actual refinishing projects allows students to practice and develop skills that are readily transferable to the workplace.

Students from both Tafe’s will attend Monster Jam’s Party in the Pits, a pre-show event that gives fans the opportunity to meet the drivers and see the Monster Jam trucks up-close.

The two crush cars will be on display and then crushed in the show.

“I’m at a loss for words.  We’ve done many community partnerships with art schools and technical institutes but this competes as some of the best quality specialized Monster Jam Crush Car designs I’ve ever seen,” said Blake Tatroe, Feld Entertainment, Inc.

“Our intent with these projects is to not only design something that will awe fans unlike our regular crush cars but to engage with the community to get the future of the world real life exposure to live entertainment.  I think fans will be shocked to see these cars on the track.

“Unfortunately both crush cars will fall victim to the approx. 3.5 meter high Monster Jam trucks as they perform their crowd pleasing stunts.”

IMG_1418Monster Jam is the largest internationally touring Monster truck show, entertaining more than four million fans a year in more than 100 locations with over 300 shows.

Australian fans are getting ready as the famed Monster Jam trucks make their way down under for the first time ever, for one show only.

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