The Iconoc Movie Car quiz where the car is the star and you’re the driver…’Ask for Mobil’ and you could win a limited edition HSV…Capricorn’s best kept secret…

Do you class yourself as a movie buff? In that case, you’ll know the DeLorean from The Mystery Machine? If, like most of the rest of us, you don’t know, then Reg Transfers have come up with a way for you to test both your movie and your automobile knowledge. Enter the Iconic Movie Car Quiz. Car chases are known to stick in our minds after a trip to see an action-packed film at the movies. They make us feel like we’re Vin Diesel in our…(ahem)…Nissan Micra.

But, is it just the memorable car chase scene that we love, or is the car just as much of a main character? Cars in films aren’t only memorable for the boisterous vehicle chase scenes and there are iconic movie cars for those of us who prefer a rom-com or family-friendly genre of film, too. Lady Penelope’s pink car was a total must have when we saw ‘Thunderbirds’ and, of course, who can forget The Weasley’s magical but slightly faulty flying car?

In fact, cars in films can be so iconic that we often see them as the hero of the film, i.e. Bumblebee is the most loved Transformer? You’ll even see families queuing up to get a photo with an iconic movie car at Disneyland with not much interest in Mickey Mouse or Disney princesses…the car is the star! So, it’s little surprise that Disney’s movie ‘Cars’ has so far raked in eight billion dollars in global retail sales and this can only be expected to grow with the release of ‘Cars 3’ later this year.

For the movie lovers amongst us, ‘car characters’ can bring excitement, action and magic to a film and for the car fanatics, ‘car characters’ are a way to see flash, hi-tech and futuristic vehicles in action on the big-screen. Let’s be honest here, James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond without an Aston Martin, Batman wouldn’t be Batman without the Batmobile (or without Robin!) and Ghostbusters would have no chance of ghost busting without the Ecto-1.

So it’s settled then; movies with an iconic car will always be revving their way to success! Now get online with the Iconic Movie Car Quiz and you’ll be the star at the next trivia night.

Get that up ya Rupert

GetUp members are teaming up with investigative journalist Michael West to help draw attention to the hypocrisy, not to mention tax evasion…sorry, minimisation…of the News Corp organisation. Why? Well, the company’s ‘quality’ newspapers are once again following the Sun King’s ultra right wing rantings and working themselves up into a lather. As usual, it’s an easy target with little chance of hitting back, this time in the form of those folk unable to find a job.

Under the heading “bludger hot spots”, the Surry Hills slaves have been putting the boot into thousands of people locked out of paid work who rely on income support to make ends meet. Pretty much News Corp stock stuff complete with inaccuracies and the usual barrels of that stuff bulls excrete. But this time the stink of outright hypocrisy seems to have got up the nose of a good few people including investigative journalist Michael West, that reckons it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle… a ‘bludger’.

He says that if you want to find Australia’s real bludger hotspot, Look no further than the offices of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, one of Australia’s worst corporate tax cheats. But why let the facts get in the way of a good bit of crap. After all, not only do people that pretend to be journalists write this rubbish, thousands of other people read and believe it, especially in Canberra. Here’s what Michael and GetUp think.

‘Ask for Mobil’ and you could win a limited edition HSV

It looks like the product promotion season is about to get into full swing with the Mobil kicking off its ‘Ask for Mobil’ consumer promotion, which as usual with these promos, offers customers the chance to win heaps of prizes. In accordance with discrete and continuous random variables, probability distribution and stochastic processes, someone, somewhere, will win a limited edition HSV. In fact, three persons, in three places, will get one of these magnificent bits of metal in a prize pool worth around $250,000.
The promo was flagged off at the Walkinshaw Production Facility, home of Mobil 1 HSV Racing, by the company’s Tim Jackson who took the opportunity to plug the team’s headquarters and demonstrate the work that takes place behind the scenes to ensure the car and the team performs to the their very best. Responding to Tim’s effusive praise of the group’s main sponsor, Mobil 1’s, Christie Torwick, said that the new ‘Ask for Mobil’ promotion really gives customers the chance to feel part of the Mobil 1 HSV family.

“Our cutting-edge Mobil 1 products are packed with ultimate performance and protection and are trusted by drivers globally to keep their engines running smoothly, be it on the track or on the road. We love giving people the opportunity to access exclusive and unique prizes so we’re especially excited to have this promotion up and running. This is a great opportunity for our customers to get their hands on a limited edition HSV vehicle, as well as a host of other excellent prizes, so we encourage everyone to Ask for Mobil at their local participating automotive retail store or mechanic and get involved.”

So there! Pictured above: Mobile 1 drivers including James Courtney and Scott Pye with Tim Jackson and Christie Torwick. The Mobil 1 ‘Ask for Mobil’ consumer promotion runs until 31 October. More @ askformobil.

What’s new pussy cat

The Ryco range of commercial vehicle filters continues to expand towards box popping heights with the addition of Cummins engine filter kits and positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) gas filters.  All of which means that Ryco heavy-duty filter range now has filter kits for major Japanese truck brands such as Isuzu, Hino, UD and Fuso, including spin-on and cartridge lube and fuel filters.

All the details are contained in Ryco’s master catalogue, on-line and in a special mini brochure listing items for Cummins engines ISX EGR, L10, M11, N14 and ISX Non-EGR. The positive crankcase ventilation filters meet the requirements of the PCV valve that is a calibrated control device by which ‘blow by gases’, coupled with a charge of fresh air and fuel, is directed from the crankcase to the intake manifold for re-burning that reduces emissions.

Ryco’s new range of PCV filters covers various applications for Isuzu, Fuso and UD trucks meeting the servicing requirements set by the engine manufacturers that generally require this filter to be changed around 60,000kms or twelve months. The expanded range of Ryco light and heavy commercial vehicle filters is available from Ryco stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. More @ or


Each day seems to bring yet another innovative way to use a mobile phone. There’s so much out there that one could be forgiven for dozing off whilst reading about the latest gizmo. But what if you’re reading about a smartphone that detects exactly that action? Well, bad luck, expect that is if you happen to be driving along the highway and the eyelids are getting a bit heavy which is where this latest bit of software comes in. Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a smartphone-based system that looks for tell tale changes such as drooping eyelids and lolling head position. When such signals of driver fatigue are detected, the phone sounds an alarm that won’t cease until the driver deactivates by hand, or through voice command. The technology that is already available in some high priced vehicles requires no peripheral hardware other than the phone itself mounted on the dash facing the driver. The whole thing is said to be highly accurate, inexpensive, simple to use, supports online software updates and can be transferred between different vehicles.


Capricorn’s best kept secret

This has got to be the best kept secret in the industry. Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative is also a travel agent? Yes, it seems that Capricorn Travel is up there with the big boys when it comes to business travel and what’s more it has been for about thirty years!  Born out of a necessity in the early 1980s to service the fast growing automotive aftermarket co-operative’s own extensive convention and business based member travel requirements, it has grown to be ranked among the nation’s top 20 by the Travellers Choice Group.
Capricorn Travel is a full service travel agency available to Capricorn members, preferred suppliers, families, friends and the general public. You don’t have to be part of the Capricorn operation to take advantage of the award winning service, so whatever you’re after be it a fantastic holiday, conference or trade fair booking, or any sort of business travel advice, check it out first with the lovely ladies at Capricorn Travel.
And if you are a Capricorn member it can all be paid through the company’s trade account, earning or redeeming Capricorn Reward Points.
CLICK HERE for more info.


 Discussion paper seeks options for AV safety assurance system

The rush towards automated vehicles has promoted the National Transport Commission (NTC) to release a discussion paper calling on Australian governments, vehicle manufacturers, transport technology providers and other interested parties, to contribute to the development of a national safety assurance regime for automated vehicles.

Regulatory Options to Assure Automated Vehicle Safety examines the balance between government oversight and industry self-regulation for automated vehicle safety and identifies four regulatory options for a safety assurance system. NTC’s Paul Retter said Australia’s transport ministers asked the NTC to look at what level of regulation is needed to ensure automated driving technologies are safe now and into the future.

“Australian governments are starting to remove legislative barriers to more automated road vehicles. Without a safety assurance system, these vehicles could potentially be deployed with no government oversight or regulatory intervention.”

Paul added that these technologies are highly innovative, technically advanced and varied, and we don’t yet know if they will be safe. “We need a mechanism that supports innovation without unnecessary red tape, but also assures the Australian public that automated vehicles are safe.”

The NTC is seeking feedback on the options including continuing the current approach, self-certification, pre-market approval and accreditation. Submissions, through the NTC website, are open until 28 July and following consultation on the paper, the NTC will present a preferred regulatory option to transport ministers in November 2017.

CLICK HERE for more information.


Good Design Awards help light up Sydney

June is the time of year when an increasingly dull City of Sydney flickers into life with a festival of light, music and ideas. It’s also the time of year for the announcement of the winners in the annual Good Design Awards. Dating back to 1958 and claimed to be Australia’s most prestigious awards for design and innovation, once again the winning entries range from the practical to the quirky.

For the first time, the overall winner of the much sort after Good Design of the Year Award was a tie between design consultancy Aurecon and digital design agency Chrometoaster. Spurred on by the devastating Brisbane floods of 2011, Aurecon’s flood resilient and accessible ferry terminals offer a better way to make critical transport infrastructure more flood resilient while allowing travellers to better celebrate the river.  During a flood, the gangway floats, automatically detaches and swings away from the pontoon.

According to the judging panel comprising thirty-five Australian and international design experts, this is an excellent example of multi-disciplinary design collaboration that has resulted in a truly innovative and game changing project. Every detail of this project has been meticulously designed and engineered with the end user in mind.

New Zealand company Chrometoaster’s Game of Awesome card game is designed to inspire Year 5-8 students to write creative stories and at the same time increase their literacy levels. The judging panel lauded the wonderful simplicity of the project, saying that it “recognised the design thinking baked into this project at the deepest level” and that “its playfulness, creativity, insightfulness and accessibility absolutely nails good design.”


And the other winners were:

Architectural Design > Commercial and Residential Architecture

Entry: Sargood on Collaroy

Applicant: WMK Architecture

Description: The Centre is a game-changer providing resort-style healthcare for those adapting to life after a spinal injury. Sargood sets a new benchmark for helping guests to manage their life, deal with scars and reconnect into the community.

Location: Sydney


Architectural Design > Interior Design

Entry: TVNZ Television Network Centre Refurbishment

Applicant: Warren and Mahoney Architects

Description: Working sensitively with the fabric of the original building, all concrete floors, columns, majority of the services and structural components are the original building substrate revealed. New stairs, bridges and openings were created to use sections of the building previously inaccessible and encourage movement and agile working across floor plates.

Location: Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Architectural Design > Urban Design and Public Spaces

Entry: Hassett Park

Applicant: Jane Irwin Landscape Architect

Description: Hassett Park is a new urban park in the public domain framework for Campbell 5, part of an upscale and redevelopment along Constitution Avenue of key inner city sites. The park sets a new benchmark for public domain design on the urban fringe of Canberra.

Location: Surry Hills


Architectural Design > Urban Design and Public Spaces

Entry: Tonsley Innovation District Urban Design and Public Spaces

Applicant: Oxigen

Description: A set of robust urban design protocols provided guidance to the implementation of projects over a number of years, rather than a fixed design program or traditional master plan.The influence of a coordinated, sustainable public realm is now being realised. Australia’s first innovation district, supports green infrastructure and its importance for future planning.

Location: Adelaide


Communication Design > Advertising

Entry: The 2 Litre Towel

Applicant: M&C Saatchi Melbourne

Description: Australian Weaving didn’t have a budget for advertising so M&C Saatchi changed their packaging to make shoppers understand and appreciate the quality of a well-made towel. To reinforce its unique selling point, the towels were packaged in 2-litre plastic bottles and displayed in refrigerators in-store to help them stand out in one of the most commoditised retail categories.

Location: Melbourne


Communication Design > Branding and Identity

Entry: LOLO

Applicant: Dongdao Creative Branding Group

Description: The Yi nationality is the sixth largest ethnic minority in China, and to support the Chinese government pledge to rejuvenise ethnic minority cultures, Dongdao Creative Branding Group successfully integrated traditional elements of the Yi nationality and applied ethnic cultural features to modern products.

Location: Beijing


Communication Design > Packaging

Entry: Only Good

Applicant: Milk NZ Ltd

Description: The whole premise of the Only Good brand is built on delivering a high-end department store aesthetic, with a clear conscience and affordable price point.

The skincare range is highly desirable and makes the household shopper feel good about her purchase.

Location: Auckland


Digital Design > App Design

Entry: VEC Voters Voice

Applicant: Conduct

Description: The iPad app features a Communication Board that can set up ahead of voting, the Victorian Electoral Commission’s (VEC) Easy English Guides and Auslan footage for hearing-impaired voters. The design is tailored specifically for voters with complex communication difficulties and literacy issues. Cost savings for the VEC are estimated to be around $1M.

Location: Fitzroy


Digital Design > Interface Design

Entry: URSA Mini OS

Applicant: Blackmagic Design

Description: The URSA Mini OS is a firmware upgrade for the URSA Mini camera that pushes the boundaries of usability and innovation in the TV and Film industry. Carefully considered functionality and visual design combine to provide something unique in that space: A clear, fluent and enjoyable user experience.

Location: Port Melbourne


Digital Design > Web Design and Development

Entry: Magna Carta – The Story of our Freedom

Applicant: Deloitte Consulting

Description: A scrolling microsite with links to outside resources and hidden interactive elements and a 4-minute video as part of the site and on YouTube.

Location: Sydney


Product Design > Automotive and Transport

Entry: Cat GRADE with Assist

Applicant: Caterpillar Inc

Description: A revolution in machine control, bringing speed and accuracy to new standard by automating boom and bucket movements typically achieved by the operator. This semi-autonomous system significantly reduces manual inputs, errors, and fatigue — improving grading consistency for operators at all levels.

Location: Tullamarine


Product Design > Automotive and Transport

Entry: Tesla Model X

Applicant: Tesla

Description: Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. With all-wheel drive and a 100 kWh battery providing 565 kilometers of range, Model X has ample seating for seven adults and their gear. Accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in as quick as 3.1 seconds.

Location: Cremorne


Product Design > Commercial and Industrial

Entry: Junglefy Breathing Wall

Application: Junglefy

Description: An active, modular green-wall system, scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. More than just another green-wall – it’s an innovative system combining technology with nature resulting in a safer and more productive indoor-environment.

Location: Banksmeadow


Product Design > Consumer Electronics

Entry: Blackmagic DaVinci Micro Panel

Applicant: Blackmagic Design

Description: The world’s smallest and most affordable cinematic quality colour control panel for the manipulation of light and colour in motion picture footage. Costing $995, it is designed specifically for feature films, television and music videos, offering unprecedented immediacy, superior ergonomics and creative flexibility on location.

Location: Port Melbourne


Product Design > Domestic Appliances

Entry: Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Charcoal Barbeque Range

Applicant: Design + Industry

Description: The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range features three charcoal barbeques designed to suit any occasion. CUBE is a compact portable barbeque, HUB and FUSION (Everdure’s larger charcoal units) feature patented Rotiscope Technology, allowing you to quickly set up a commercial-quality rotisserie at 3 different heights, all powered by a discrete motor.

Location: Balmain


Product Design > Furniture and Lighting

Entry: Eccentric by Rogerseller

Applicant: Rogerseller

Description: Designed by Nick Johnston at Rogerseller and developed in partnership with Australia’s leading manufacturer Ram Tapware, Eccentric by Rogerseller is a remote tap mixer that pays homage to the individualism, wonder and curiosity found in many great scientists, explorers and inventors, and their rebellion against convention.

Location: Melbourne


Product Design > Hardware and Building

Entry: HUB.NODE Multi-Function Technology Node for Smart Cities

Applicant: HUB Australasia Pty Ltd

Description: The HUB.NODE enables the creation of a smart city, replacing traditional street lights with a structure that invisibly accommodates all 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi equipment, a CCTV camera, electrical charging port, PA speakers, a help button.

Location: Chippendale


Product Design > Medical and Scientific

Entry: AirMini Sleep Therapy Device

Applicant: ResMed Ltd

Description: A revolution in portable CPAP therapy, this is ResMed’s smallest ever CPAP device. It also offers a richer user experience through the use of a smartphone app, which allows clinicians and patients to customise therapy and comfort settings to individual needs, as well as view progress.

Location: Bella Vista


Product Design > Medical and Scientific

Entry: Counterflow Centrifuge Device (CFC)

Applicant: Invetech

Description: The Counterflow Centrifuge (CFC) is a breakthrough platform technology enabling researchers in the emerging Cell Therapy industry to more effectively develop new therapies for the treatment of cancers and a variety of other illnesses.

Location: Mount Waverley


Product Design > Sport and Lifestyle

Entry: KOMPAN Cross Systems

Applicant: KOMPAN Australia

Description: Cross Systems is designed as an open and inviting structure equipped with innovative fitness equipment ranging from suspension trainers and pull up bars to free weights and parallel bars. The six different standard frames can stand alone or be placed as joined structures, ideal for group training. Thanks to the wide variety in standard frames one can always create a composition that fits the needs of any targeted user group.

Location: Geebung


Social Innovation

Entry: VoteLocal: Helping Kiwis Take Part in the Future of their Cities

Applicant: The Design+Democracy Project, Massey University

Description: VoteLocal is a groundbreaking game-like questionnaire that guides people towards the mayoral candidate whose policies and ideals best match theirs. It provides information about candidates and what they stand for, informs users about what councils do, and debunks the assumption they aren’t relevant. VoteLocal fosters more genuinely representative politics.

Location: Mt Cook, Wellington


The winners of the Young Design Awards are as follows:

Young Australian Design of the Year

Entry: e-motion

Applicant: UNSW Art & Design

Description: ‘e-motion’ investigates the use of wearable technology to create a new form of non-verbal communication for males by measuring physiological data from the body and expressing it as dynamic light displays. It is a range of e-textile menswear garments designed in a contemporary style that combines ‘street-wear’ and ‘active-wear’.


Sustainability Award

Entry: Dynamics in Impermanence

Applicant: University of Sydney

Description: ‘Dynamics in Impermanence’ is a temporal birch plywood pavilion. The project follows an unconventional approach towards design and making. Design and fabrication have been fused and undertaken singularly as one creative process. The form is a product of the precision milling process and lithe material properties of birch plywood.


Innovation Award

Entry: HUG

Applicant: University of New South Wales

Description: Hug is a system that aids children with autism in self-regulation. The wearable tracker monitors the child’s stress levels which the carer could keep track off through a mobile app. The hug shield subsequently then guides them through breathing exercises and can be wrapped around the child to comfort them.


Technology Award

Entry: Stride Running Coach

Applicant: University of New South Wales

Description: Stride Running Coach is a wearable virtual coach concept for runners exercising outdoors. Stride revolutionises the fitness device market through its innovative application of sensor technologies within the Heart-Rate monitoring earbuds, wearable Sensor Pod, and Muscle-Tech running tights. Stride teaches you to enhance your technique and performance while minimising injury.











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